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I know it’s been a long time since I’ve written on my blog – but I’ve been pretty introspective over the last year and needed some time to deal with my thoughts in a more private way. Anyway – I’ve had several people tell me that I need to take note of Joshua’s interesting words – so here we go:

chee-chew – cherrios
Ja-Ja – Joshua
ning-ning – Lightening McQueen (Cars character)
Tico – Tow Mater (Cars character)
bababed – big boy bed (he’s out of the crib now and in a big boy bed)
bepu – diaper
packpack – his backpack that he carries his toys in
beedie – birdies
safe – sheriff
liddlilee bug – little bug
vava (my dad)
bampf (Steve’s dad)
Unca Kispy (Chris Howard)
God House – church

As I think of more – I’ll add to the list…

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It’s Official!

Well, little boy -today you officially became ours. In our hearts you have been ours for more than a year – but in the eyes of the courts you became a Peterson today! I love you so much and I’m glad you became a part of our family! You have grown so much over the last 9 months!

When you got here you were crawling and we spent a lot of time carrying you around. Then in November you decided you wanted to keep up with your cousins and started walking. Now you are running and climbing and moving so quickly. You love to play with your toys and love to read books with us before your nap or bedtime. We have so much fun with you in the splash pads and the bathtub – you REALLY like water. You are signing so much and having fun experimenting with sounds while you figure out how to make those sounds into words.

You love fruit of all types and will eat rice anytime it’s served to you. You love your milk and ask for it all the time. You have a great sense of humor and the most wonderful giggle and you love to snuggle with us while watching Sesame Street or Signing Time. You love your friends Lilia and McKenna and can’t wait to play with them. You love your grampas so much! You laugh and giggle with them and play all sorts of games with them.

You love it when your daddy comes home from work – you stand at the gate and laugh and yell for him as he walks in … what a wonderful sight to come home to! I love to watch you wake up and see me when I come in to get you after your nap – you smile and laugh and grab for your blanket or your stuffed birdie! Then you sign dog and bird because you want to see our dog and birds! You are so helpful then by pulling off the covers on the bird cages – and you try to brush Cairo too!

It’s so much fun watching you discover the world around you! You are adventurous and excited and so out-going! You love making friends and you often flirt with the waitstaff or other people at restaurants. You love the people at our church and love to run up and pat people on the legs to let them know you are there!

I thank God for you and I am looking forward to years of watching you grow up!

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Going away

Well – here it is … I’m actually going away for about 30 hours to a women’s retreat – it’s the first time I’ve been gone since Joshua came home and I’m having panic attacks about leaving. It’s not that I don’t trust Steve to take good care of him … I know he will be fine … but I’m still nervous about leaving. I’ll only be 2 hours away and a friend is driving so I know I can get back quickly if I need to … but I’m still nervous.

I guess I need to go back a week or so … last Sunday God decided to knock me upside the head and make me confront my anger/temper issues … they go way back to my childhood and I’ve been working through a lot of stuff this week … but at the end of the day Sunday – I was at church for a prayer service and asked a couple of friends if they were going to the women’s retreat this weekend. They said yes and asked if I was going … I gave my standard response of no – I don’t want to leave Joshua and Steve alone … at which point Eliecia asked Steve if he was okay with me going away. To my shock (and horror) Steve said he was fine with me going to the retreat! I was terrified so I jumped to my next excuse that we couldn’t afford it now (we just put in a new air conditioner that was way more than we wanted to spend right now!) and they left it at that … but I was furious with Steve and left very quickly!

As I walked out the door another friend saw me and quickly parked her car and followed me over to where I was standing trying to cool down. She offered some really good advice (thanks Kathy) and then suggested talking to Brandi (the church admin) about whether there were any scholarships available – long story short there weren’t any scholarships available and she would have to ask the council if they could help.

On Monday night at small group, I found out that my last excuse was gone – a friend turned down her scholarship and the money was there now for me to go …

So here I am, getting ready to go … waiting to see what God’s going to do in my life this weekend. I’m still worried about going away, but I recognize that God wants me at that retreat and so I’m going … if you happen to think about it – pray for me and for my guys who are batching it for the next two days!

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Happy Anniversary, my love (a day late)

So I had plans to write this blog yesterday, but the day just got away from me … so here are my thoughts on the last year of marriage …

I love you more now than I did a year ago … my love for you keeps growing tremendously and I can’t wait to see what it will be like when we’ve been married 20 years or more!

I’ve enjoyed watching you become a dad … you are such an amazing father and it’s wonderful to watch you playing with Joshua!

I always wanted my husband to be my best friend … and I’m so proud to call you my best friend!

I’m proud of you and the way you work to support this family … you work so hard and that’s allowing me to be a stay-at-home mom and I really appreciate it!

At times, you make me weak at the knees when you look at me …

I’m grateful to God for you, because you are the other half of my soul!

You do so many special things for me … romantic things, loving things, funny things … but each thing tells me that you are thinking of me and loving me!

As the last four years have gone by, the problems that we’ve faced, the issues we’ve dealt with … and the joy that we’ve experienced have made these the best four years of my life … because you were there for me each and every time!

Thank you for loving me the way you do … you are truly an amazing, loving, gentle man and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us … together!

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On Monday, one of our friends celebrated her birthday, got some balloons and brought them to small group. And our son, Joshua went nuts with the balloons. They were the mylar ones with helium and a little weight on the end. He was laughing, shouting and giggling and had such joy on his face from playing with them. He’d pull them down and hold them against his face then let go and watch them pop up again. He got all tangled in the ribbon, but loved every minute of playing with them. We finally had to hid them in another room so we could get our discussion underway. I’ve never seen him enjoy himself that much, so I think tomorrow I’m going to go buy some cheap mylar balloons from our grocery store and bring them home for him to play with!

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Happy Valentine’s Day (early)

My love – there are times when I still can’t believe you are my husband … I’m afraid of waking up and realizing it was all a dream. The last (almost) 4 years have been wonderful. Yes, we’ve had our fair share of health and job issues – but I wouldn’t have wanted to do it alone. You are my best friend, my lover, my husband and now the father of our son … and each and every day I thank God for you!

You are truly a gentle man and a godly man and I am so blessed by you always. You work so hard to provide for us and that allows me to be at home with our son. You take care of our house, our cars and most importantly – us! You are a blessing to those around you … and this Valentine’s day and every day … I say … I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

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Long time no write

I know it’s been a while since I blogged – my only excuse is I’ve been too busy living life and trying to keep up with my son. He’s now walking like a champ and we had to increase his area to move around in – so baby-proofed even more of the house and now he can get almost everywhere.

So what’s happened in the last month … Steve got a new job … and I’m not allowed to say the name – so if you want to know email me and I’ll tell you … but suffice to say … he’s working with a law enforcement agency in public safety! And he’s now a database administrator – something he’s wanted to move into for as long as I’ve known him. The people he’s working with are wonderful and he’s so much happier than he was working for Shamrock! He’s relaxing and smiling a lot more these days!

Other news – my dad does NOT have Parkinson’s!!! I kept saying get a second opinion – cuz I didn’t believe the “quack” doc – and so he went to Barrow’s and they said it was some medication that he was on!!! He’s off the meds now and starting the long trip back – it can take 3-6 months for him to get this medication out of his system! But he’s doing so much better now!

The other big news – we finally got a Wii – and Wii fit plus, Dance Dance Revolution 1 and 3 and Cardio boxing – and I’m working out and LOVING it!!!! I don’t know why we waited so long – just having a lot of fun doing it now!

So anyway – that’s the news over the last month – not a lot – but I’ll try to add more as I can … TTFN!

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Being a mom …

A good friend of mine blogged about being a mom and it got me to thinking about what my role is as a mom. I’m sitting here listening to my son wake up, knowing that we are going to be spending the whole day together. That during the time we are together, I’m going to have to make sure he gets good food and enough milk, we work on his language development, and we have time to play. I’m going to also be working on straightening up the house (we just put all our Christmas decorations away) and I have a couple of errands to run.

Since Joshua joined our family, my life has changed tremendously, I never really knew what it was like to have one person completely dependent on me. I’ve taken care of kids over the years, but as always – I gave them back when their parents came home. Now, I’m responsible for this little boy’s life and how he learns to interact with the world. And how he comes to know his Savior.

I have to remember that I am and will continue to be his role model … what I do – he’ll want to do … so I need to pay attention to my actions and words … especially words – I’m realizing now just how much I swear … not f-bombs (much) but a whole bunch of other words. Both Steve and I are really trying to watch what we say and how we say it … because we know Joshua is learning language by leaps and bounds. Any parents out there with suggestions on how to stop swearing in front of your kids?

Anyway, just some thoughts rumbling around in my head for now ….

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This last year has been a tough one for me. But it’s also had its high points.

I had to put aside a dream I’ve had for many years of having a child biologically. That was hard to do … but in doing so, I’ve been blessed with a wonderful little boy, whose giggle and smile brighten my day tremendously.

I got burned out on teaching – and it was subbing at that … but not because of the kids … it was the politics that did me in. I agreed in March to long-term sub in a special needs classroom. I took the job thinking that I would be able to work closely with a good friend of mine who was also a special needs teacher at the same school. Unfortunately, the teacher I was subbing for – hated my friend and I was FORBIDDEN to go to my friend for any help. Now, I’m not a special needs teacher and I could have used all the support I could handle, but the principal gave into the teacher I was subbing for and needless to say … I don’t want to teach again for quite some time.

I’ve also struggled with my health this year … the stress from the teaching job and then from Joshua coming home has forced my cholesterol sky high and I’ve gained back a bit a weight. So Steve and I are going to invest in a Wii and the Wii fit – many of my friends and family have said that both of those are fun and good for your health … so I’m going to be starting a new routine first thing in the morning before Joshua wakes up of working out to my Wii fit.

The good things this year far outweigh the bad for me and my family … and for that I’m grateful … but I am praying that 2010 goes far better!

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Our first Christmas as a family!

OKay – now I have some time to blog – yesterday was Christmas … and it was our first Christmas as a family! Joshua had a wonderful time playing with the wrapping paper, the boxes and the bows – oh and yeah, he liked his presents too! We didn’t get him a lot this year, because he had a ton of presents from his birthday and we haven’t even gotten them all out for him to play with. The big deal was when the grandparents came over and were able to lavish tons of attention on Joshua. He ate it up and begged for more! I have to admit our son tips the “cute” meter everyday, but yesterday he was really REALLY really cute! We had fun playing with his toys, he got a Little People Noah’s ark with tons of animals, a fill and spill tool kit, and a drum set (yes, I married a drummer, so how could I not have a drum set for my son).

Then my parents came over and brought all the gifts from my sister and her family. And the funny thing is … my sister gave Joshua a drum set too – a different set with shakers and a rattle and funny shapes. So now, my son is set in the drum area … and unlike many people – I like the sounds of drums being played in my house!

Then Joshua got a Little People Nativity set from Steve’s parents – which is wonderful – cuz now we can talk all year round about the baby Jesus and what He means to us. I think it’s funny that Joshua got Bible-themed things and drums for Christmas this year!

We had a great day with him and then put him to bed really early (as in 6:30) and we watched Alice in Wonderland (the original animation) before we went to bed. It was definitely a wonderful day for us!

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